Preparing your home for photographs

Property Photo Guide:

The expression ‘a picture paints a thousand words’  is never more apt than when it comes to listing your property for sale on a web site. In fact it can mean thousands of Euros added to your sale price.

More and more house purchasers are searching for their new property online. The photograph is the first introduction of your property to a buyer! If your property photo is not up to scratch, then that buyer will look elsewhere, within a split second and all at the click of a computer mouse.


This property photo guide will point you in the right direction.

Clear away all the clutter, not necessarily under the bed, as you will be amazed what the camera picks up. Clean and spruce everywhere. The lens does not lie! Hide all personal items, and be prepared to box and move items on the day of the photo shoot!

Open all the curtains and blinds, unless there is a particularly poor view, and switch on all the lights, (replace bulbs if necessary) even those under the kitchen counter. The more light there is  – the better the photographs will be.

We may be shooting a Video while we are at your property.  So it pays to note that on the day of your site visit we can be at your property for over an hour.

A bit of effort at this stage allows your property to be listed quickly, and that means buyers looking at your property right away.  Make sure you have set aside the time for your appointment, as a delay in listing your property is a delay on a sale.

This photo guide is designed to get you started, but just remember that all your hard work at this stage will pay dividends when viewers are on their way and you secure a quick sale.

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