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Ok, so you have prepared your house for selling, it’s now time to prepare for a property viewing.  It may seem obvious but again first impressions will count. This is where all your hard work will pay off.

Preparing for a property viewing is like a military exercise. Go round every room and tick off the list;

  • Entrance hall; decluttered.  No coats and shoes lying around.
  • Bedrooms; beds all made, pillows fluffed and nothing lying on the floor. Scented candles, no teenage boy smells; think of these rooms as a hotel.
  • Bathrooms; everything spotless, no toiletries left around the sink and bath. Toilet seat down! Fluffy clean towels on display, with some nice soaps. The children’s bath toys either removed or tidied in a basket.  Think of the aroma in here, you want clean and fresh.
  • Living areas; cushions all plumped, everywhere dusted and tidy, no clutter anywhere. T.V. switched off, any music must be just background. Fresh flowers always look great, however, if you are viewing over many weeks this can be expensive, so consider good quality fakes.
  • Kitchen; create an inviting room, brew coffee, bake bread. The work surfaces are clear of clutter and clean, there are no aromas of last night’s curry.
  • Pets;  no matter how much you love your pooch or kitty, your viewer may not. Remove the pets from the house when you have a viewer due, at the very least put in garden or on the roof. Being ‘greeted’ by a noisy or hairy animal can put buyers off immediately, however cute and adorable you think your pet is. Most importantly, as an animal owner, you may not realise that sometime the ‘doggie odour’  lingers. So clean and open all your windows to freshen your property. Just as important if you have a litter tray, either remove it completely or place in hallway. Never leave litter tray in the kitchen or bathroom.

The Viewer Arrives

This is what your hard work has all been for.  At the appointment time, be ready!  Greet your viewer and welcome them into your property. The property viewing starts!

Part of  your efforts to prepare for viewing means you must take control at this stage.  After introductions have been made, lead your viewers around your property.

Into the living area, and the kitchen area, show any features, but don’t bore them with huge lists. Show the bedrooms and bathrooms and any outdoor space. While doing this first walk around, you may want to inform your viewer of good schools in the area, local amenities etc, and even how lovely the neighbours are!

Preparing for a property viewing means ‘doing your homework’. When you have had your first walk around, invite your viewer to browse by themselves. Offer coffee or refreshment when they have finished, invite any questions they may have.

Don’t be tempted to bombard potential buyers with questions. To help you prepare for a property viewing, Home Sale Malta would have asked their buying position, and passed that information onto you.

Don’t be tempted to start discussing your asking price at this point. If a buyer is seriously interested they will need a second viewing, be patient.

If you are confident that the viewer is interested then please share your contact details. Home Sale Malta will always follow up a viewer and again pass any information onto you through your login account, or by phone, whichever suits you.

Good luck!!!

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