Sell Your Property in Malta with Global Online Marketing.

If you’re not satisfied with having property viewed by literally thousands of buyers you can go ahead and advertise anywhere else you want.

We’ll cover all the important bases, we take care of all the enquiries, we’re happy to help with the negotiations too of course, but if you want to list your property on even more outlets we won’t stop you. Our goal is simply to give you the widest reach in the most convenient way possible at the lowest cost to help you sell your property as quickly as possible.

We believe you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a flexible method as ours! So go ahead and list your property on today. There are no risks and world of advantages waiting for you to enjoy.

But don’t just take our word for it; read our testimonials from extremely satisfied clients right here in Malta.  Clients just like you – who have been trying to sell their property, sometimes for years, with well known High Street, Real Estate Agents; putting their lives on hold until they can move on.  These clients took a chance on trying something new, to market and sell their property in a modern, online way.

Global property coverage at minimal costs

Our team will market your property across dozens of the main local and foreign property listing websites, property portals, expat sites as well as social media platforms – essentially wherever we think there is a sniff of a buyer!

You can have all of that right now.

All you have to pay for our Platinum Package is an up-front seller’s fee of €299 (+ VAT). There are no hidden charges, no sneaky surprises, saving you THOUSANDS of euros in commissions while getting a superior service. A new model for Malta and yes you have to pay upfront – you get Nothing for Nothing! Perhaps ask yourself why your property has been on the market for years? – How has your existing Real Estate Agent marketed your property? On world wide Property portals? Have they created a Video for YouTube and Vimeo? Did they create a FloorPlan? Do they produce stunning photographs to grab the attention of any buyer looking? Do you get feed back if you do get a potential buyer viewing. If you have answered NO to any of these questions then perhaps you should give us a call +356 99805602.

Spreading the word, all around the world

When you have decided to sell your property – get in touch.  We’ll advertise your property using all the main offline and online media.

We’ll publish classified ads of our site in local newspapers; upload your property listings on the major websites were all the buyers flock, like, and; (we currently advertise on over 75+ Sites!) and prominently display your property on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo.

A flexible, no strings attached method

If you have spent some time browsing our website then you know that we do things a little bit differently here at

Our company is the first entirely virtual Real Estate Agency in Malta (We are not just a listing agency) and our aim is to demolish the usual barriers of property selling, (be that local or world wide) giving vendors the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages that websites and social media channels offer.

For typical high-street Estate Agents, the internet is just an after thought; clumsily tacked onto their offline operations. Whereas in reality buyers look online as their first step in finding a property – even buying property online is an option!

For us, the internet represents a whole new model of doing business; which is why we embraced it completely, and put together a crack team of professionals who will ensure your property gets in front of a bigger audience. Not just Local Marketing but World Wide Property Marketing. The internet has transformed our lives and how we all do business and there is no exception in Real Estate – be that in buying property or renting property.  We can personnally assure you of our utmost commitment to Sell Your Property and not mearly list it.