The property of your dreams

For such a small land space, the enormous variety of types of property you will find in Malta and Gozo is breathtaking.  You will be sure to find the home of your dreams, whatever that dream home may be.

What type of property is your dream home? Traditional town houses, houses of character or a farmhouse? If you are interested in developing an older property, seek and ye shall find! Those solid walls and stunning Maltese balconies have bags of appeal; not for the faint hearted though, so a good architect is essential.

Types of Property in Malta

House of Character: Traditional stone built property generally found in the villages and towns. Built with rock and limestone, overwhelmingly the local Globigerina Limestone, which is soft to work and hardy when weathered. These properties can date back hundreds of years, and the term ‘character’ lives up to expectations. Aside from vaulted stone ceilings, flagstone floors,wooden beams and 3 foot thick walls, properties of this nature tend to come with an internal open courtyard and can be substantial in size. When converted they can make for stunning residences.

Town House: These properties were built anywhere from 30 to 100 years ago, generally using Maltese Limestone. They are a bit of a hybrid, with references to the house of character and a grand terrace seen in any large British city. Again they can be fairly spectacular and spacious, boasting courtyards and swimming pools. Town houses in Malta can be found in detached,semi-detached and terraced formats.

Villa: Built in the post war period, there are large detached properties, generally with a pool and garden area. Often built to the owners’ requirements, there is no uniformity and can meet all tastes! Huge basement garages, 3-12 cars, are not uncommon and extra living quarters or a ‘flatlet’ is a typical feature.

Bungalow: The same the world over, this type of property is no different to its counterparts elsewhere, though Maltese bungalows may just be on a grander scale. One floor living, again typically you can find the huge basement garages, gardens and pool. Bungalows are more commonly found in semi detached and detached formats.

Apartments: A more and more popular way of living. Blocks of modern apartments with communal entrances, many equipped with lifts. This type of property is all over the island and many boast wonderful views. The newer blocks tend to be open-plan layouts. The older blocked apartments, while perhaps not having a lift, offer excellent value and space. Many apartments have access to a roof space, and modern properties will have basement garages.

Penthouse:  Essentially the apartment on the top floor. Usually with larger terrace and possibly its own air space. This type of property conjures up the more luxurious lifestyle and make for spectacular residences often with stunning views of rolling countryside or sea views.

Maisonette:  The cross between an apartment and a house. The maisonette has its own front door, and can be part of an apartment block. You will find various forms of this type of property. Elevated, a few steps going up to the front door, possibly over a basement garage. A duplex will have more than one floor, and usually all forms have a courtyard area and even access to their own roof space.

Farmhouse:  As expected this type of property is found in more rural areas. Traditional farmhouses have all the charm of a ‘house of character’ and can come with plenty of land.