Viewing Guide to a New Home

You’ve seen a property on the Home Sale Malta website. You’ve filled in the view request form, and we’ve arranged with the owner a viewing time. The next step is to view inside the property.

A good tip for viewing a new property for the first time is try to imagine your own possessions in there. A typical Maltese home is full of possessions and it can feel a bit daunting. Look at the walls. floors and ceilings. Gauge the actual space.

On the other hand if you are viewing a property still in development stage it can feel very spacious while there is just bare walls. Take a measure tape and mark out your processions. Are they going to fit?

If you are visiting a property when the owner is there; remember you are visiting a family and their most prized possession. Be courteous and arrive on time for your appointment.

If you have children it is probably best to leave them with a relative while you do your first viewing. If you do like the property, remember to visit at different times of the day. This gives you the chance to see traffic, hear noise at night and see how the neighbourhood is during the nighttime.

On arriving at the property, allow the owners to show you around. Have a good look at the property and ask any questions you have. It is tempting to be carried away by a view or a layout, however, it is advisable to write down a list of your own requirements. What is it you are looking for in a new home? Is it extra bedroom space? Living areas or do you need to be closer to schools or work? What feature are you prepared to compromise on? What element is a deal breaker?

If you wish to view a second time, make sure you exchange your contact details with the owner. It is advisable not to get into negotiating offers at this stage, speak to your lawyer or notary, again exchange these details with the owner.

If you feel the property does not match your needs and you are not comfortable telling  the owner, remember that Home Sale Malta will contact you following your viewing, and we will pass on any feedback on your behalf.