Removal Companies – Let the professionals do the job!

Unless you live in a tiny flat, when it comes to moving: – we would always recommend getting the professionals in!

Wrapping and packing does not sound like a huge task, how hard can it be? But trust us – there is an art to this job.  Whether it is packing all he fragile, beloved, items, that once belonged to a favourite Aunt or the sofa-bed that looks innocent enough but actually weighs the same as a baby elephant – (what do you mean there is no lift?) The professional removal team are experts in moving all items safe and sound and getting to the new home in one piece.

What should you be looking for?

Try to get quotes from different companies, and be sure to have the companies visit your home – and not just quote over the phone.  You will want any company to see your stairs, elevated entrance – size of lift for example.

Another reason to only employ companies that actually visit the property is to see the access to your home – is it in an Alley? Do they have a vehicle that will fit down the street?

Get your quote broken down into separate elements. Are you paying for the Insurance? Hourly Rate or even the cost of overnight storage?

Are They Insured?

So, back to your favourite Aunts pottery that you love dearly.  Does your removal company have adequate insurance?  What are any claim procedures?  If you do the packing of fragile items – their insurance may not cover these items.

Make a List! How can you help your Removal Team?

  • What items are you packing?
  • What items need dismantled and rebuilt?
  • What items are particularly precious? Antiques? Paintings?
  • What items are particularly difficult – the piano?


The cost of any Removal Team will depend on a number of factors:

  • The amount of goods being moved  – (obviously)
  • The travelling distance from door to door.
  • How many in the Removal Team?

Any professional Removal Firm will explain all charges and costs involved so that there are no surprises.

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