Every month we’ll be taking a close look at a particular locality in Malta and Gozo, bringing you some useful information to help you decide where the next place you’ll call home will be.

Appropriately, we’ve chosen to start our journey through Malta’s towns and villages from the letter ‘A’.

The village of Attard is the focus of this post.


The village of Attard traces its history back to the Classical period; tombs and pieces of pottery dating from 3000 BCE have been discovered in the area, indicating that the human settlements were present from an early date.

No points for guessing where Attard is!

However, the origins of Attard are shrouded in mystery. It isn’t even clear how the village got its name.

One hypothesis suggests that it was named after an early inhabitant whose surname was Attard; another, links the word Attard with the Arabic ‘attar or ‘atr (which both sound very similar to the Maltese word qatra, a drop of liquid) meaning flower essence oil and perfume respectively.

Curiously, or perhaps not, the village motto which appears underneath its coat of arms is the Latin phrase: Florigera rosis halo, or ‘I perfume the air with blossoms of roses’. An area of Attard was even known as Ħal Warda (literally, Rose Village) in the past.

A quick overview

Attard today has a population of nearly 10,500 inhabitants and was until recently one of the fastest growing localities in Malta. It forms part of a conurbation known as the ‘Three Villages’ comprising Attard, Balzan and Lija, and is the biggest locality of those three.

Attard’s coat of arms. In proper heraldic terms: Argent, a cross couped Azure, quarter-pierced Gules.

The development of Attard follows that of a typical Maltese village. At its very centre, there is the parish church, surrounding which is the oldest part of village. Further away lie progressively newer developments, with terraced house gradually making way to modern apartments and penthouses at the outskirts.

The village enjoys a tranquil atmosphere and offers easy access to every amenity. There are four banks, all within walking distance from each other, a primary school, several public gardens, supermarkets and a couple of charming cafés.

Attard is very well connected to the surrounding localities. Its central location makes it very easy to access every part of the island and the village is served by ten bus routes, half of which go to Valletta.

Main attractions

One of the main attractions of the village is its close proximity to the beautiful San Anton gardens.

For sporting fans, the Ta’ Qali football stadium is also just minutes away from the village centre and families can also enjoy the recently opened Ta’ Qali Adventure Park and the National Park which is a popular family destination for picnics and quality time together on weekends.

In mid-August every year, the Attard parish joins parishes in seven other villages across Malta and Gozo to celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

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