We’re excited to announce that our sister site – HomeRentMalta.com – is now live!

Just like HomeSaleMalta.com opened the doors to a whole new way of selling and buying property online in Malta, HomeRentMalta.com aims to make it easier than ever for good landlords to find the perfect tenants to live in their rental homes.

HomeRentMalta.com for Landlords

Landlords have to face a lot of mistrust in the current Maltese rental climate. A lot of honest landlords who care deeply about their tenants have to take the flak because of a few rogue ones that don’t.

Through HomeRentMalta.com we’re giving a chance for great landlords to shine and advertise their property to interested, pre-qualified and highly motivated tenants. Landlords list for FREE and can add any of our premium services for extra convenience, including:

  • Pre-prepared leases
  • Tenant reference and credit checks
  • Having our professionals visit their properties to take all the necessary photos and write descriptions

HomeRentMalta.com for Tenants

For tenants, HomeRentMalta.com takes out the guesswork that finding a place to rent usually entails. We highlight landlords who have proven themselves to be high integrity individuals; our ‘symbol of excellence’ is a guarantee that you’ll be given receipts upon payment of rent and that you won’t be ripped off by unfair utility bills or unclear terms in your lease.

Tenants in Malta and Gozo can browse through our database of rental property completely FREE of charge and get in touch directly with landlords to have their questions answered.

HomeRentMalta.com for Letting Agents

We’re also opening up our databases to real estate agents. If you’re a letting agent you can quickly increase the number of interested people who see your listings by uploading them on our website.

Letting agents can list as many properties on HomeRentMalta.com as they want  – FREE – and we will eventually roll out a suite of premium tools that will help you promote your listings more effectively on our platform.

Packed with rental guides and resources

Just like we did on HomeSaleMalta.com, we’ve packed HomeRentMalta.com chock-full of useful guides and articles that analyse every aspect of the Maltese rental market.

The HomeRentMalta.com blog is the ultimate resource for both landlords and tenants looking for the best advice to get the most out of their interests in rental property – whether for living in it or as a profitable source of residual income.

Connect on social media

We take online very seriously and we intend to exploit every possible method to promote your listing on the internet.

HomeRentMalta.com is on all major social media outlets and fans are flocking to connect and stay up-to-date with the latest rental property listings in Malta and Gozo and the hottest rental property news. You can connect with us on the links below:

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Visit our new website

Check out HomeRentMalta.com and discover all the online services we’re offering landlords, tenants and letting agents in Malta and Gozo. We believe that good landlords and good tenants are out there – our goal is to match them together through our website!

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