I can’t believe it’s been 7 months already since I wrote the first blog post here on HomeSaleMalta.com.

My goal then was to outline our mission to become the first truly online real estate agency in Malta and Gozo and help buyers and sellers save 1000s of euros on commissions and other unnecessary fees they were forking out on their property transactions.

I was told that the Maltese are usually hesitant to try new ways and ideas, and that the local property market especially was one where attitudes were quite literally ‘set in stone’.

Not known for backing down from a good challenge I ploughed on nevertheless. Surely, people would see that HomeSaleMalta.com was the logical way to market and sell property in the 21st century!

Goodbye high street, hello cyberspace!

Our way of doing business is based on the philosophy that your property deserves to get maximum exposure to potential buyers–wherever they are. Your a typical high-street agency will keep sellers’ details and addresses behind lock-and-key and act as a barrier between buyers and sellers.

HomeSaleMalta.com on the other hand works hard to liberate sellers by amplifying the amount of exposure they get on their properties using every physical and digital avenue available.

We realise that in today’s super-connected world, our jobs isn’t to be merely brokers of property, but connectors of people with people and of people with the information they need to make a wise home buying or selling decision.

Thank goodness we didn’t listen to the naysayers! As I mentioned previously, I was absolutely convinced that homeowners in Malta and Gozo would respond positively to our unique offering, but I had no idea HOW positive their feedback would be!

Comments from satisfied clients who sold their properties in months after listing on HomeSaleMalta.com despite having been in the market for years began pouring in shortly after opening our doors back in June 2014. I’ve chosen some of the comments I received to share with you as testimonials on this post.

“I would really like to give you a review for the fantastic service you provide. I’m sure this project will be a very successful one for you as the Maltese real estate market really needs customer service-orientated people such as yourself.”

  • “I work in customer services myself so I’m not the type of person to offer compliments unless I believe the service is worth it and I’m honestly pleasantly impressed by your service. Wish you the best of luck.”
  • “Thank you so much for the quick response. Keep up the good work.
  • “Thanks Julie, well done! Lovely website and Facebook page.
  • “Finally someone who ‘gets’ the real estate market.”

Isn’t it wonderful to read the words of people – sellers in Malta and Gozo – who were finally able to sell their properties, quickly, hassle-free and commission-free, and then use that money to:

  • Upgrade to a new and bigger home for them and their growing family to enjoy together;
  • Move to a smaller space and pamper themselves with some well-earned travel and rest after many years’ of hard-work;
  • Invest in their own and their children’s future, giving them extra security and peace of mind?

HomeSaleMalta.com is glad to be part of these success stories that are happening everywhere in Malta and Gozo when the right sellers and right buyers come together through to our website.

We’ve also learnt that if there’s one thing Maltese sellers and buyers appreciate above all else is exceptional customer service. And why should YOU settle for less?

Here at HomeSaleMalta.com we’re receiving feedback via email or on social media all the time from people congratulating us on doing a “fabulous job” and thanking us “for responding so quickly.”

We’re determined to keep delivering a high standard of customer service and continue offering a service that is built around your needs and aspirations – whether you’re planning to list your property on our website or searching for the ideal home to purchase.


  • What are your biggest gripes with the process selling and buying property in Malta and Gozo?
  • Do you have any horror stories about property selling or buying which you would like to share with our readers?

Share your comments and feedback in the comments section below or by sending us an email on: enquiries@homesalemalta.com

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