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We at HomeSaleMalta.com know you will have questions for us. So we thought it best if we could anticipate the more frequently asked ones and list them here for you.

Feel free to get in touch if we have not answered your particular query, we shall be delighted to hear from you.  

Julie (founder of HomeSaleMalta.com)


Who are Home Sale Malta?

HomeSaleMalta.com are the newest online estate agency on the Island of Malta. We have a range of Property Selling Options with our most popular Platinum Package (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) offering a fixed fee (€299+VAT) to list your property online with NO COMMISSION charged when it sells. In return we offer a full real estate agency service, fueled by decades of experience in the world of real estate and property.

Where do you cover?

We cover properties of all kinds all over Malta and Gozo.

How can you offer 0% COMMISSION?

Our company is entirely online. We have no expensive offices to maintain and no commissions to pay to salespeople and property consultants. We offer the full service you expect from your estate agent, so perhaps the question should be, ‘Why do high street real estate agencies charge so much?’

So what will I be charged?

We offer a range of Packages, however our Platinum and Silver Packages require a fixed fee for our service. The fee will be either €100 or €299+VAT  depending on which package you choose, and is payable at the start of our contract.

We are completely transparent and most importantly, when you sell your property through HomeSaleMalta.com, there is NO COMMISSION DUE if you choose our Platinum Package.

With the Platinum Package your fee covers 12 months of continuous advertising. In year two, your fee is €199+vat. We do not foresee that year two will be necessary, however.

Am I tied to HomeSaleMalta.com in an exclusive contract?

On our Platinum, Silver and Commercial Packages there are no tie ins or do we hold you to any sole contract.

Our Gold Package however, is a Sole Selling Agent Package that ties you to exclusive agency rights for 12 months.

You are also free to  advertise through other agencies, however, we advise you to check their commission due when you sell.  Their commission is generally 5%! (this is with the exception of our Gold Package)

Use our Savings Calculator to get a ballpark figure of how much you stand to save using Home Sale Malta over a high street real estate agency.

When do I pay my fixed fee?

Your fixed fee of €299 + VAT for the Platinum Package is payable when you decide to list your property through HomeSaleMalta.com.

Your fee of €100+Vat for the Silver Package is payable when you instruct HomeSaleMalta.com to list your property, and we have a completed signed agreement.

What does my fee cover?

  1. Your payment of fee allows us to set up your account, get your property photos done and floor plans created. We are then able to list your detail on all portals and outlets that we advertise on.  We shall send you emails and SMS notification with any updates that we get and any enquiries.
  2. NO COMMISSION payable when we sell your home, if using the Platinum Package.
  3. Advertising on major property sites, search engines and Social Media. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Mondinion.com  propertyoverseas.comrightmove.com, Times of Malta, and many many more.
  4. A home visit. We shall arrange a mutually convenient time to meet at your property. We will measure every room and take lots of photos, inside and out! We shall prepare a computer generated floor plan to show the layout of your property, plus link your property to Google Maps to show buyers exactly where your property is situated.

How long does it take to get my property on your site?

After our visit, and payment of fee, where applicable, has been cleared, we shall have you listed the same day.

How do I know if anyone wishes to view my property?

Any potential viewer will contact us here at HomeSaleMalta.com.  We shall establish their buying position and pass all these details on to you.  This can be by phone, email or SMS. You then decide how you wish to proceed; contact the viewer directly or allow us to make arrangements on your behalf.  We never pass on your contact details with out your express permission.

Do I do my own viewing?

Yes.  Who knows the property better than you, the owner? You shall receive the details of the client who wishes to view your property from HomeSaleMalta.com. We can do all the liaising to get times booked or you can contact the prospective buyer directly.

We shall send you a guide on how to prepare your property for viewings. After the viewing we do all the followups as you would expect from your estate agent and pass all the details on to you.

Do you offer free valuations?

No but let’s explain the reasoning behind that. When an agency comes to do a ‘free valuation’ they are really there to persuade you to list your property with them.  Salespeople have targets to achieve, and ‘properties listed’ is one of them. We do however, conduct a valuation when you have decided to list your property with us.

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

According to the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, Malta (www.infrastructure.gov.mt), all dwellings contracted, sold or rented out after 02.01.2009 require the commissioning of an EPC.

This does not appear to be enforced in anyway currently. This could and will change. We at HomeSaleMalta.com would recommend that you discuss this with your Notary.

Can you help me find a Notary?

Yes, click on the link  www.notariesofmalta.org  this will take you to the Kunsill Nutarili Ta’Malta’s own website, where you will find all the information you need on finding a Notary. Or you can call or email us if you need any further advice.    enquiries@homesalemalta.com

Can you help me find a Lawyer?

Yes, we can recommend a Lawyer who specialises in property law.  Just email a request to enquiries@homesalemalta.com or see the About Us page where you shall find our own lawyer’s details.

Can you help me find an Architect?

Yes, we can recommend various companies for you. Just email a request to enquiries@homesalemalta.com

Are you sure there’s NO COMMISSION?

If you choose our Platinum Package? Absolutely! No hidden fees, and 0% COMMISSION. guaranteed.

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