Simple advice that will make moving into you new house easy, enjoyable and carefree

Owning a house brings a lot of joy to the new residents, however, for some it isn’t always easy to shake off the feeling that someone else used to live inside the property before their family moved into it.

For most people, homes are a sacred repository of personal memories and experiences. As strange as it may sound, entering a space that has been inhabited for a long time by strangers can make new homeowners feel a bit uneasy.

Keys to settling into new home

How to settle quickly into your new house

There are two types of home ownership. There’s the legal kind which comes into effect when you sign the final deed and which is thus conferred onto you instantly, at the stroke of a pen.

Then there’s the personal sense of home ownership. This is more complex because it takes time and effort. Basically, it can be described as the psychological effect of the sum-total of experiences which you go through whilst living in your new home.

These experiences forge an emotional and intellectual bond with your new property, which gradually becomes almost a part of yourself.

The five proven steps listed below are excellent strategies which you can use to accelerate this process, making it easier for you and your family to settle into your new home.

1 – Personalise your new living space

You can fill your new home with memories even though you haven’t been living there for more than a few days.

Put photographs of yourself, family, friends and important events in places where they are easily visible. Stack the shelves with books or trophies and decorate your house with souvenirs from your travels.

A fresh lick of paint or new wallpaper will not only make your new home feel ‘yours’, but also allow you to engage physically with your new environment.

2 – Get to know your neighbourhood

Take a walk around the neighbourhood and note the things that are similar or different from the place where you lived previously. Remind yourself why you’ve chosen to come live in this particular town or neighbourhood.

Depending on your personality, getting to know your new neighbours might be either an exciting or intimidating prospect. Anyways, resolve at the very least to greet them and start recognising the familiar faces in your neighbourhood.

You might never actually invite each other over to dinner like they do in the movies, but even a little effort at socialising with others helps ground you as an element in the wider community.

3 – Pay attention to the needs of the little ones

Children often have the hardest time to get used to new surroundings. Spend time with your little ones, help them decorate their bedrooms or certain areas of their new home and–to the extent they’re able to– let them help you in selecting new furniture or accessories.

If there’s a play area nearby, this could be a great way to get children to connect with their new environment and make new friends their age. Similarly, you get to meet other moms and dads living in your neighbourhood at the playground and start building your own circle of local acquaintances and friends.

4 – Throw a grand housewarming party

When your new home is fully decorated and the paint job has dried, invite your friends over for a housewarming party.

As we mentioned before, the quality of your personal home ownership is closely related to the experiences you’ve had in your new house. So go ahead and create a couple of really good ones as soon as you move in!

A housewarming party is the perfect modern ritual to let yourself and the world at large know that you’re queen or king of this particular castle.

5 – Kick back and relax

When everybody’s left, and it’s time to put away leftovers and lower the volume of the music, sit back on a comfy sofa or chair, preferably with a glass of wine or other tasty beverage you prefer in hand, and listen carefully.

Each neighbourhood has its own rhythms and routines. Over the day and throughout the night, you’ll pick up certain sounds and movements that occur with almost clockwork precision.

There’s the sputtering of car engines in the morning as adults prepare to go to work and the honking of minivans’ horns that come to pick up schoolchildren at the crack of dawn.

Later in the day, you’ll notice the whirring sound of a postman’s motorcycle, or the din a refuse collector or street vendor makes when they drive by. If there’s a church close by you’ll begin to recognise a pattern in the pealing of bells, and on and on.

It’s the pulse of the community you live in. And even without being aware of it you eventually, inevitably, become part of it.

There are many way to settle down in a new home

The home serves as a backdrop to nearly all of life’s various events; the space between its walls is both physical and psychological.

There are no right or wrong ways how you can make yourself feel at home in your own home. However, the five strategies listed above can serve as a universal groundwork on which you can build your foundations of personal home ownership.

Did you or your family ever find it difficult to settle into a new home? What did you do to overcome this feeling of unease and how long did it take you to overcome it? Feel free to share your suggestions and experiences with our readers in the comments section below.

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